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Acceltech’s industry-specific solutions enable a modern sales-driven organization to gain actionable insights and adaptive business applications to drive efficiency, improve customer service, fend off competition, and stay fiscally solvent.

Acceltech - Real Estate Dimensions

Acumatica With Real Estate Dimensions

Enhancing Cloud ERP Experience

Certified Modules:

  • Property Sales – Streamline buyer experience by taking control of customer requests, including pending construction, punch lists, and turnover schedules to handle property contracts efficiently.
  • Property Financing – Provides payment flexibility by offering multiple financing schemes that meet customers’ capability. Improves collection efficiency through automated demand letters to help manage and enforce foreclosures.
  • Commissions & Incentives – Boost your team’s performance by creating various commissions schemes and sharing to release commissions regularly whenever a payment milestone has complied.
  • Property Management – Save time and money through consolidated financials and an overview of your property details, including property type, fees, maintenance schedules, addresses and lot details, expenses, lease administrations details, and more.
Acceltech - Financing Dimensions

Acumatica with Financing Dimensions

Enhancing Cloud ERP Experience

Modules include:

  • Loan Management – Accelerates loan processes with accurate statements and reports of all financing transactions, customer information, rates, and payment schemes to protect your margins and manage risks.
  • Inventory Sales Financing
  • Collateral-based Loan Financing
  • ROPOA – Maintain a complete audit trail of all financing transactions and simplify complex financial management requirements efficiently to address customer difficulties in meeting their obligations.
  • Loans Payable Management – Capture all essential bills covering the principal, interest, and insurance payments charged to client, and track account receivables and payables with promptness from the vendor to avoid duplicate payments, inaccurate invoices, and late payments.
Acceltech - Facility and Assets Dimensions

Acumatica with Facility & Asset Dimensions

Enhancing Cloud ERP Experience

Modules include:

  • Facility Management – Provide quick, cost-efficient access to fulfilling your customer needs through an organized functionality suited for facility operations. Ensure your infrastructure, equipment, and asset’s operability with a real-time overview of its work orders, such as requests for renovations, additional work permits, violations, and repairs.
  • Lease Management IFRS16 – Create, manage, and renew leases with flexible terms, start and end dates, rent charges, renewal status, contacts, security deposits, late fees, utility details, lease history, insurance requirements, and other information.
  • Asset Hierarchy & Lifecycle – Have better data-driven decisions without sacrificing operational performance by properly structuring parent-child relationships among high-quality asset data from your equipment, machinery, and components at one or all locations.
  • Work Order Management – Maximize dispatching and boost revenue by scheduling the right people at the right time and seeing real-time data for work in the field.
  • Maintenance Management – Create maintenance work orders for field technicians or leverage the native field service application for advanced service dispatch, scheduling, and reporting.
Acceltech - Agriculture Dimensions

Acumatica with Agriculture Dimensions

Enhancing Cloud ERP Experience

Modules include:

  • Poultry Farm Operations – Ensure efficient poultry operations with a streamlined process by monitoring real-time farm activity data such as feed consumption, vaccination, disease incidents, and livestock readings for complete control of the flock in running a successful poultry business.
  • Swine Operations – Empower your contract growers to see up-to-date project budget performance, report pests & diseases to record all work done in swine farms and materials issuances from your business.
  • Plantation Field Operations – Keep your plant infrastructure projects on time, track contractor delays in project budget versioning, and easily create post-project budget evaluation and analysis.
  • Aquaculture Operations – Record fish weight gain ratios for every location and visualize the performance of each location’s fish growth based on a target standard and actual measurements.
  • Project Operations Management – Stay on top of every project and budget using real-time information at your fingertips and gain a complete view of projects, including costs for materials, labor, services, and inventory features.

Why Acumatica?

Real-Time Insights

Real-Time Insights

The information you need, anytime, anywhere, on any device

Take control of your business operations with Acumatica’s Cloud ERP solution. With 24/7 access from any web-enabled device, you can strategize, review customer interactions, and get proactive business reports and insights at your fingertips.

Future Proof Platform

Single data model, flexible deployments, streamlined integrations

Shared data and cross-team workflows make collaboration seamless, and AI-powered automation drives efficiency. Acumatica is ranked highest in customer experience and product usability, and our platform integrates easily with the tools you already use.

Customer-Friendly Licensing

Only pay for the functionality you need and the data you use

Eliminate hidden fees and pay only for what you need with Acumatica’s flexible licensing and transparent pricing. Acumatica scales with you as your business grows providing you the agility and flexibility you need to succeed in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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